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Core Gas Installations offers gas geyser installations to all residential and commercial clients. We supply and install gas geysers of any size, based on your requirements and industry standards.

Based in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, we render professional gas installation services to the greater Western Cape

  • We boast thorough knowledge of geyser installations
  • We supply and install gas geysers
  • We have qualified staff with professional attitude
  • We offer a complete one-stop solution – full spectrum of plumbing and maintenance services
  • We do it all. No job is too big or too small.
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Our Services

Design and Consulting Service 

One of our qualified technicians will inspect your premises to determine the most advantageous solution to suit your needs, and consult with you on all of the available options.

Geyser Installations Services

Geyser Installation and related pipework

We install gas geysers of every type and size to residential and commercial clients. All Installations include the pipework, as well as all necessary valves and fittings required for a complete working solution.


All related plumbing work will be done by our in-house plumbers in accordance with industry standards. We will ensure that the most effective route to your existing installation is made.

General Plumbing Services

Maintenance and services

We offer maintenance and servicing to existing gas installations, ensuring that piping and fittings are in optimal condition.

Inspections and COCs

We conduct inspections on all gas installations and can also issue a Certificate of Compliance (COC) on all existing installations in accordance with SANS regulations.

Leak detection

Using state-of-art sniffer devices, we can detect the smallest of leaks within your gas installation, giving you peace of mind.

Gas Geyser Pricing Guideline

6 litre – 10 litre

R1 600 to R6 000

1 bathroom and a kitchen

1 to 2 bedroom house

10 litre – 12 litre

R2 200 to R10 000

1 to 2 bathrooms and a kitchen

2 to 3 bedroom house

16 litre – 26 litre

R4 300 to R14 000

2 to 3 bathrooms and a kitchen

Larger residential houses or commercial sites

* Estimate Installation cost is between R 5000 and R15 000

What Determines The Price Of Gas Geysers?

Gas geyser prices in South Africa are affected by the following:

Gas geyser brands (e.g: Dewhot, Kwikot, Atlas, Totai, Bosch, Paloma, etc)
Size of gas geyser (e.g: 6litre, 10litre, 20litre, etc)
Accessibility to the geyser
Labour and materials involved in plumbing

Gas Geyser vs Electric Geyser: Whats the difference?

Running Cost Lower  energy cost and only the required amount of water is heated Higher running cost and energy to keep water warm all day.
Initial Purchase Price Budget-friendly with a range of options Costly if installed according to correct SANS regulations
Heating Time Water is heated instantly and on demand Water takes some time to heat up initially
Reliability Always available if gas bottles are kept full Can’t function during power outages or loadshedding

Approximate Gas and Water consumption for Gas Geysers

Hot Water Outlet 6 Lt 8 Lt 10 Lt 12 Lt 16 Lt 20 Lt 26 Lt
Gas Consumption LPG 0.9kg/hr 1.2kg/hr 1.5kg/hr 1.8kg/hr 2.6kg/hr 3kg/hr 3.4kg/hr
Water Flow Max 360lt/hr 480lt/hr 600lt/hr 720lt/hr 720lt/hr 720lt/hr 720lt/hr

What Is Cascading?

Cascading is used to effectively run a household with its multiple requirements.

For example: Use a 6ℓ geyser to run a kitchen, a 10 – 16 for the shower and run both to the bath, giving 18 /min. Fit non-return valves so that the kitchen and shower can only run off their units.


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Related Services

Core Gas Installations forms part of the Core Services Group, along with Core Leak Detection and Core Electrical.

Boasting qualified plumbers, electricians, and gas installers, we are a one-stop solution for all your core service needs, which include all certified electrical and plumbing installations and maintenance.

Whether you’re are a residential, commercial, or industrial client, our complete range of services will have you covered.

Core Gas

Gas geysers

Gas fireplaces

Gas hobs and ovens

Installation of gas cylinder cages

General maintenance

Leak detection

Core Electrical

Single / 3-phase installations

Electrical maintenance

Fault finding and repairs

Solar power systems

DB board upgrades

Inspections & COC’s

leaking tap

Core Leak & Plumbing

Leak detection

Burst and leaking pipes

Maintenance plumbing

Geyser installations

Unblocking of drains


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